An Unhurried Leader

"An Unhurried Leader" by Alan Fadling is a great read for any current or aspiring leader who wants to lead and serve others with much less stress, tension, and hurry that many leaders seem to be affected with.  Around 180 pages, the book addresses such issues as:


1.   Ways unhurried leaders differ from hurried leaders.
2.   The importance of having a long-term perspective of godly influence by starting small and growing over time.
3.   The wisdom of joining what God is already doing instead of trying to make a splash in our own flesh.
4.   Leaders need to come to Jesus and commune with Him before going to serve Him.
5.   We will have a greater impact on God's kingdom when we trust and surrender to Jesus.
6.   Abiding in Christ is the key to fruitful living, work, and relationships.
7.   Our leadership needs to be focused on God-confidence instead of self-confidence (Amen to that, I've seen enough of fleshly self-effort and have done enough of it myself to know it doesn't work for the long-term).
8.   Trusting Christ leads to good work much better than fear, anxiety, anger, or perfectionism.
9.   5 questions that can unhurry leaders.
10.  Lasting kingdom fruit will be people-focused instead of thing-focused.
11.  While Jesus' leadership was gentle and humble, our culture values pride and pushiness.
12.  Suggestions for praying as a leader.


A great read and will be an excellent future reference for reminding myself not to hurry so much.  The title had some good practical suggestions (periodic daily retreat to get alone with the Lord, etc.) and would have liked to have seen more suggestions.  I received a copy from IVP Press in exchange for a fair review.


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