An Unhurried Life

Tired of the frantic pace of life?  If so, then "An Unhurried Life" is a good title for you.  Around 200 pages, the book is very readable, smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter, and covers many good points, some of which are:


1.   Developing a few followers of Jesus is harder work than attracting a crowd.
2.   Being unhurried enables us to notice and respond to God's nudges.
3.   Genuine productivity (not mere busy work) is the fruit of abiding in Christ.
4.   The hurry valued by our society comes at a great cost - many people in the Bible hurried at the wrong time and paid the price.
5.   3 ways the devil tempts us to hurry and miss out on God's best for us.
6.   Love requires an unhurried approach to life - be careful of becoming so efficient that you are unloving towards others.
7.   We need to focus on spending time with the Father instead of trying to meet people's expectations.
8.   Unhurried time with the Father will broaden our perspective and clarify our vision.
9.   The difference between holy and unholy leisure.
10.  Maturity is a steady process and doesn't have overnight.


A great read and will refer to annually.  I was given a review copy by Intervarsity Press in exchange for a fair review.


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