As Kingfishers Catch Fire

"As Kingfishers Catch Fire" by Eugene Peterson is a deep and thought-provoking title on the author's experiences as a pastor and the ways of God. Almost 400 pages, the book is a lengthy read and is organized into seven areas based on biblical characters:

Moses - how God works in our lives through stories and signposts.
David - using the Psalms for learning more about God and moral conduct.
Isaiah - how the prophets point us to God and challenge us to realize that God wants to set our lives right and to hope in our future based in Him.
Solomon - how God's wisdom works in human experience.
Peter - attentiveness and responding to God as He reveals Himself to us through Jesus Christ.
Paul - submitting to scripture, embracing mystery, using language, and reading the letters he wrote to people in churches that still exist from biblical times.
Apostle John - having a pastoral concern for people.

The book is readable and smoothly transitions from topic to topic. I have read some other titles by Peterson and this book is consistent with his writing style - down to earth and makes you think about what is being written. Good read and will go through again in the future.

I was given a review copy by Blogging For Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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  1. magnocrat

    Its a quote from Gerard Manley Hopkins a great Victorian poet and a staunch Catholic.

    March 29, 2017