Christ All Sufficient

"Christ All Sufficient" by Brian Hedges is a short yet very helpful commentary on the Book of Colossians.  The title is around 160 pages and contains such helpful information as:


1.  Outline of the book containing 10 headings.
2.  Exegesis of practically every verse in Colossians.
3.  Conclusion at the end of each chapter.
4.  Helpful list of endnotes and bibliography.
5.  Helpful analysis.


The only thing I would add would be more introductory information on the book.  The book is very readable, from a decidedly evangelical viewpoint, and will be a very helpful aid for future lesson and messages from the Book of Colossians.  Recommended.  I was given a review copy by Shepherd Press/Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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