Finding Forgiveness

"Finding Forgiveness" by Stanley Gale is a good title for anyone wanting to learn more about what the Bible says about forgiveness.  Around 120 pages, each chapter ends with helpful discussion questions.  Some of the questions addressed throughout the book include:


1.  Forgiving and forgetting.
2.  Asking for forgiveness vs. apologizing.
3.  What does the Bible say about forgiving ourselves.  (Hint: says nothing about forgiving ourselves but does mention reproofing ourselves and to seek healing from God).
4.  How we go about forgiving someone.
5.  Forgiving even when we do not feel like it.


The book is very readable and skillfully handles an important subject in a very understandable manner. Good read.  I was given a review copy by Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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