Finding God's Blessings In Brokenness

"Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness" is yet another great title by Charles Stanley.   As mentioned in the title, the book addresses the issue of being blessed by God when we are broken by Him.  Around 160 pages, some of the topics covered include:


1.  Reasons we need to be broken.
2.  Things we trust in instead of God.
3.  The kind of supernatural ministry God does in and through us when we are broken for His glory.
4.  How God can arrange circumstances for us to be broken.
5.  The types of rebellion we express towards God.
6.  Traits of Christ's character produced in us when we are broken.
7.  5 great blessings from brokenness.


The book flows smoothly from topic to topic and is written in the typical Stanley - to the point, insightful, convicting, and encouraging.  Good read and challenge to hang in there when God is in the process of breaking you.  Trust Him, He knows what He's doing!  Recommended.


I was given a review copy by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a fair review.


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