Follow The Cloud

"Follow The Cloud" by John Stickl is a good title for anyone wanting insights and suggestions on hearing and obeying God's voice.  Around 220 pages, the title addresses such topics as:


1.  God never leads us out of something without leading you into something better.
2.  Jesus wants to disrupt our routine and lead us to something better.
3.  The future with God is always better than the past without Him.
4.  Desperation can be God's grace to take you where you didn't have the faith to go.
5.  Focus on God's faithfulness towards us instead of our faithfulness toward Him.
6.  5 ways we can position ourselves to hear what God is saying to us.
7.  5 ways we can experience God's presence.


The book is well-written, contains helpful insights, and transitions smoothly from chapter to chapter.  Good read.  I was given a copy by Blogging For Books in exchange for a fair review.


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