Giving It All Away

"Giving It All Away" by David Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby, is a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about the company and the company's philosophy for giving many of its to support various ministries so they can share the good news of Jesus Christ with other.  Around 150 pages, the title covers such topics as:


1.  Green's early life and how Hobby Lobby was started.
2.   The issue the Obama government had with Hobby Lobby about Obamacare and how Hobby Lobby was able to win their case.
3.  2 lessons Green learned at difficult times in his life.
4.  How Hobby Lobby differs from other retailers.
5.  Questions to ask yourself when considering giving to charities.
6.  The value of working and earning a living.
7.  3 thoughts about having an eternal perspective about money.
8.  Examples of the various charities Hobby Lobby supports.


A very easy read and full of practical wisdom.  Well-written and the book smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter.  The author comes across as a humble man and readily admits he is an introvert and hesitated in writing this book.  Glad he overcame his initial hesitation.  I was given a review copy by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a fair review.


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  1. roe

    As they say, “You never see a u-hal behind a herse” Thanks for this post, I will get the book

    May 05, 2017