How To Break Growth Barriers

"How To Break Growth Barriers" by Carl George and Warren Bird is a good read for anyone, pastor or layperson, who is interested in seeing their church grow numerically and spiritually.  Around 225 pages, the title addresses such topics as:


1.   Effective ministers accomplish ministry through others.
2.   15 things that limit vision.
3.   3 ways to communicate vision and 3 ways to implement God's vision for a church.
4.   Being closely connected to Jesus will benefit others.
5.   10 characteristics of a church solo caregiver.
6.   To be effective in ministry, there must be times when you cannot be both available and effective.
7.   While pastors do need to spend time in hands-on ministry, more time needs to be spent in leadership development.
8.   Ways to facilitate church past 200/400/800 members.
9.   Around 10-20 people is the ideal range for each lay pastor to minister to.
10.  Many churches grow larger by growing smaller (Sunday School, home groups, etc.).


The book is very readable, transitions smoothly from chapter to chapter, and contains helpful suggestions for growing a church.  Will be a good future reference.  I was given a review copy by Baker Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.



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