Learning Change

"Learning Change" is a good title for anyone wanting transformation in their personal lives and can spill over into the church.  Around 260 pages, the book is divided into 4 main sections:


-  Keys leading to real change
-  Acting out our intended design
-  Changing the way we think
-  Equipping ourselves to be more effective leaders


Some of the topics addressed include:


1.  What changes we need to make in our lives.
2.  Being appropriately authentic with others and ourselves.
3.  Moving from being a church member to being involved in Christ's mission in the world.
4.  Being responsible for our emotional maturity.
5.  Working with others to solve problems.
6.  Being accountable to others.
7.  Looking out for other peoples' interest and not just your own.


The book is very readable and will be an excellent reference for my personal transformation.  Look forward to applying these principles in my family, church, career, relationships, etc.  I was given a review copy by Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair review.   



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