Martin Luther In His Own Words

"Martin Luther In His Own Words" by Jack Kilcrease and Erwin Lutzer is an excellent title on some of Martin Luther's letters/messages concerning the Reformation.  Around 170 pages and 12 chapters, some of the issues mentioned include:


1.  Christian Liberty - salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ and not by works.  We are justified by God by faith alone.

2.  Faith and Works of the Law - be careful of those who try to add works in addition to faith to get into heaven.

3.  Book of Romans - distinction between the law and the gospel.  While the law shows our inability to please God and earn salvation by works, the gospel point us to our need for Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

4.  Holy Spirit - how the Holy Spirit works in and through believers.

5.  How To Treat Human Doctrine - reject all human doctrine that conflicts with the Bible.

6.  Book of Galatians - Jesus took all of humanity's sin upon Him and paid for it by His death on the cross.

7.  Thoughts on prayer, idolatry, and other topics.


The book is very readable and shows Luther's thoughtful approach as he confronted the corrupt church during the Middle Ages.  While the church taught extrabiblical doctrine (for example, salvation by works or a combination of faith and works), Luther stayed true to salvation by faith in Christ alone as the entrance requirement into heaven.  Will be an excellent future reference.


I was given a review copy by Baker Books in exchange for a fair review.



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