Pastoral Theology

"Pastoral Theology" is a great title for anyone who wants to do ministry based on solid theology.  Around 300 pages, the book coves many topics, some of which are:


1.    4 pitfalls of a ministry that is detached from sound theology.
2.    Definition and goal of pastoral theology.
3.    Foundational requirements for the pastoral office.
4.    How to discern God's calling to pastoral ministry.
5.    Our pastoral identity is to be based in Christ instead of other people's expectations (have learned this in "secular" employment and also after being ordained).
6.    3 ways the Holy Spirit operates in the pastor's life and ministry.
7.    Things God's grace teaches us and ways His grace works through us as we minister to others. 
8.    5 functional tasks of the church and 4 characteristics that should define God's church.
9.    6 marks of a Great Commission person and 4 distinctions of a missional church.
10.   Ways God's shepherds are to take care of God's sheep.


Very readable and yet profound, the book contains many helpful points about pastoral ministry and smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter.  Will be a very helpful future reference that I will use annually.  I was given a review copy by B&H Academic in exchange for a fair review.


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