Play The Man

"Play The Man" by Mark Batterson is a good read and challenge for men to live out God's calling for their lives.  Around 200 pages, the title addresses such topics as:


1.  Living to please God means some people will be offended - so be it!
2.  Examples of men who took risks (Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir, etc.) and tried to live life to the fullest.
3.  Obstacles we face in trying live like a true man.
4.  Suggestions for making a family vision statement.
5.  Making a covenant with your son to intentionally disciple him.
6.  Examples of Jesus Christ living like a man.
7.  Having a good conscience, moral values, and modeling godly behavior towards others.


The book transitions smoothly from topic to topic, has many good illustrations, and contains good examples of history to make the author's point.  The title is also very readable.


My only real "critique" is that I would like to see more specifics on how Batterson proposes the reader carry out the many exhortations that he  gives throughout the book.  For example, on page 141 Batterson makes the statement "We have to step up and step in ........." about the problem of racism.  While a good statement, I would have liked to have seen more meat on how we can do that.  I've tried some things about addressing racism and am open to other ideas.  What specific ways has he and his church (especially being located the Washington DC area) addressed this unfortunate problem? 


On the other hand, I think he does a really good on pages 129-131 on giving specifics on to make a family vision statement.  Good stuff.  Bottom line: have the same amount of exhortation with more specifics in future titles.  While exhortation is great, some folks may need more direction, specifics, and new ideas. Still, a good read.


I was given a review copy by Baker Books in exchange for a fair review


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