Renew Your Life

"Renew Your Life" by Kai Mark Nilsen is a good read for anyone who needs spiritual and physical renewal.  A short yet insightful read at around 130 pages, some of the topics covered include:


1.  We desperately need God's energy to deal with the pace of life, quick fix mentality, and the seduction of more.
2.  Since knows our inner being, we cannot hide behind status, accomplishments, lineage, or other props.
3.  Before you can know what your future will be like, take care of the present.
4.  The importance of integrity and intentionality for renewing our energy for possibilities.
5.  2 reason we resist deep relationships (time and fear).
6.  4 fruits we experience when performing fruitful work.
7.  Suggestions for establishing a Sabbath rhythm.


A good read and helpful future reference.  I was given a review copy by IVP Press in exchange for a fair review. 


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