"Revitalize" by Andrew Davis is a great read for a pastor or layperson who wants to see God bring life back into a church.  The writer is a pastor and has around 20 years of experience at a local church and has seen God do amazing things throughout the years.  In a day where people leave a church over frivolous issues and where church planting is sometimes overemphasized, it is refreshing to see a challenge to be faithful to God and "bloom where you are planted". 


The book is just over 200 pages and addresses issues such as:


1.   11 marks of a dying church.
2.   Revitalization will come only through God's power and not a self-willed leader.
3.   True encounters with God involves both pleasure and terror.
4.   2 effects of Spirit-led prayer.
5.   Major themes of a godly vision (hint:  not something that you "dream up" by listening to what God wants to do in and through you).
6.   10 reasons to be humble towards your opponents.
7.   No church will be revitalized without courage.
8.   Allow God time to work in His church.
9.   Discouragement is probably the devil's greatest and most effective weapon.
10. 12 key concepts that need to be communicated.


The title is very readable, insightful, and smoothly transitions from topic to topic.  Will be an excellent reference as I am involved in two local churches.  Recommended.


I was given a review copy by Baker Publishing in exchange for a fair review.


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