Spiritual Leadership

"Spiritual Leadership" by J. Oswald Sanders is a great title for anyone, pastor, or layperson, who wants to become a more effective servant of Jesus Christ.  I read the 1994 edition several years ago and was interested in the newest edition.  The language seems to be somewhat updated and some more meat appears to have been added.  Around 200 pages, some of the topics covered include:


1.   Our ambition needs to be centered on glorifying Jesus Christ instead of our own ambitions.
2.   True greatness is found in serving others instead of getting people to serve you.
3.   The leader must surrender control to the Holy Spirit.
4.   When selecting leaders, Jesus often looked for the humble person.
5.   Many desirable traits such as:  discipline, vision, organizational ability, courage, humility, integrity, wisdom, humor, and a bunch of other traits.
6.   Importance of prayer in the leader's life.
7.   The leader must make wise use of time to focus on the important priorities.
8.   The leader is a reader and suggestions for reading good books that impact your life and others.
9.    Successful leaders learn from failure.


Again, there are many other important topics - so the ones listed above are just a sample.  Many books I have read will be read only once.  Some will be re-read a few times.  A few will be reviewed annually.  "Spiritual Leadership" will be one of those read annually.  Highly recommended.  I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review. 


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