Spiritual Maturity

"Spiritual Maturity" is a great title for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Around 250 pages, the title:


- Contains 21 chapters
- Includes questions at the end of each chapter
- Also has a helpful study guide for small group discussion


Some of the topics addressed include:


1.  By the world's standard of evaluation, many Christians would be disqualified from God's service.
2.  3 purposes of God's discipline.
3.  Human weakness is the vehicle used most often by God to display His power.
4.  What pride is and ways to deal with it.
5.  5 claims Jesus makes to John in the vision in Revelation 1.
6.  8 qualities of Christian character in Matthew 5.
7.  3 conditions of discipleship.
8.  Potential dangers of emphasizing the gift of tongues over other gifts.


Very readable and full of excellent insights, this title will be a helpful future reference.  I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review.


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