the 25 Biblical Law Of Success

"The 25 Biblical Laws Of Success" is a great title for readers about career success. Whether just starting out or in mid-career, the book is very insightful. Around 215 pages, the title addresses such topics as:

1. Shortcuts are not always the best way to get somewhere.
2. Focus on attaining a goal is hard to do if you are unwilling to sacrifice.
3. Persistence is more important than talent.
4. Honesty is a very important asset to have in your career.
5. Be careful of the company you keep.
6. Responding to evil with love is better than revenge.
7. 3 essential qualities to have in the workplace.
8. A good leader must also be a good servant.

The book is very readable and smoothly transitions from topic to topic. In whatever stage you are in your career, "The 25 Biblical Law Of Success" will be very helpful. I was given a review copy by Baker Books in exchange for a fair review.




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