The Dawn Of Christianity

"The Dawn Of Christianity" by Robert Hutchinson is a great title for anyone wanting to learn more about Christianity's early history.  Around 260 pages, the title covers such topics as:


1.  Jesus' early ministry and events leading up to His crucifixion and burial.
2.  Jesus' resurrection and the Holy Spirit coming upon believers during Pentecost.
3.  The spread of Christianity as persecution increased throughout the land.
4.  Expansion of Christianity to Gentiles and spreading the gospel throughout the world.


The book also contains 2 helpful appendices showing the timeline of Christianity's development and the characters involved.  Very readable, the book is much more a popular history instead of a dry academic read and smoothly transitions from topic to topic.  Good read and will be a very helpful future reference.


I was given a review copy by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a fair review.


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