The Dream Centered Life

"The Dream Centered Life" by Luke Barnett is a good title for anyone seeking a dream from God. Around 180 pages, the book addresses such topics as:

1. Dreams start when God aligns our heart around a cause that frustrates us.
2. Being a dream centered person means you need to fear God more than you fear people.
3. Suggestions for managing your dream effectively (simple lifestyle, guard your calendar, fasting, getting alone with God for quietness and listening to Him).
4. How to know which nudges are from God and those that are not.
5. Dreamers are risk takers.
6. Delays can mean that God is taking us seriously and is preparing us for fulfilling the dream in us.
7. 3 potential pitfalls to avoid while in the waiting period.
8. 4 things to do while waiting during the delay.
9. Don't confuse your dream with your identity.
10. 6 qualities of dreamers.

The book is very readable and smoothly transitions from topic to topic. The first 1/3 of the book was spent on the author's experience in realizing some dreams while the last 2/3 was spent on principles of dreams (the author also included a few more examples to reinforce his points). Some readers may like the amount of time spent on the author's personal experiences while others may want more material on principles about dreaming. It just depends on your preference.

Will be a helpful future reference. I was given a review copy by Blogging For Books in exchange for a fair review.


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