The Resurrection Fact

As the title implies, "The Resurrection Fact" addresses the truth of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The book is around 230 pages and addresses charges by skeptics (Ehrman, Crossan, etc.) by covering several topics, some of which are:


1.  Two modern trends of skepticism about the New Testament.
2.  What really happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
3.  Combining faith and evidence to prove Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection were real.
4.  Using history to prove the resurrection.


While John Bombaro and Adam Francisco are the main authors, other Christian scholars present their cases for the reality of Easter.  The book combines scholarly research and a popular reading style so both academics and laypeople may readily understand the contents.  Will be an excellent future reference for more study. 


I received a review copy by Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair review. 


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