The Training Of The Twelve

"The Training Of The Twelve" by A.B. Bruce is a lengthy (over 500 pages) read of the principles Jesus Christ used for training His disciples.  Many aspects of Jesus' ministry and events are covered:


-  Calling the disciples.
-  Disciplines such as fasting, prayer, and Sabbath observance.
-  Topics such as: church discipline, forgiveness, humility, sermons, the cross, etc.
-  Insights into the disciples and how Jesus dealt with them.
-  Jesus' final charges to the disciples.


When reading the book, some particularly insightful points addressed by Bruce include:


1.  Jesus utterly disregarded worldly wisdom
2.  3 ways Jesus answered accusations from the Pharisees.
3.  Jesus showed true wisdom when he selected ordinary men to be His closest disciples.
4.  Ordinary men are usually free from the trappings of society that ensnare so many of the "elite".
5.  The great ones in God's kingdom are self-forgetful, have child-like trust, are humble, and leave to the Lord the consequences of their service.

I will often use this as a future reference and will read more slowly and deeply next time for even more great insights.  Great resource for thoughts on how Jesus trained others.  I was given a review copy by Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair review.


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